30A   Beach   Bonfires

Sanddollar Cart Rentals is proud to offer Beach Bonfires to our list of services

30A Beach Bonfi


 Bonfire Package

$450.oo plus tax

& we’ll handle all permits and everything else.

Highly recommended for a relaxing evening and unparalleled atmosphere,

with the bonfire as the center of attention, tiki torches around the perimeter give off a relaxing glow,

S’mores and hot dogs over an open fire lay out the perfect setting for making memories and great conversations.

We will provide everything your group needs to have a great party on the beach, from chairs to fire wood, to pulling the required permits,

to the metal fire pit and a man to oversee it until your beach gathering is over.

If you’ve never had a relaxing evening on the beach and watched the sun set only to be replaced by the glow of a nice bonfire on the beach with the waves crashing nearby,

You should put it on your to do list.

Also, ask us about a low country shrimp/seafood boil on the Beach, fine dining at its best.

We offer different packages, we guarantee we have one to suit your needs.

Call for scheduling.


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Hot Dog and S'mores

Hot Dog and S’mores

Seagrove Beach Bonfire

Seagrove Beach Bonfire

Beach Bonfire

for all your Beach Bonfires needs go to


3 thoughts on “30A Beach Bonfires

  1. admin

    Awesome!!!! If you’ve never done one, this should be a must for an evening event.

  2. Greg

    30A Beach Bonfires are now on our locals list of favorite 30A activities, Smores are always a huge hit.

  3. 30A Beach Bonfires
    Grayton Beach Bonfires
    Sanddollar Cart Rentals is your premier full service private beach bonfire provider for the South Walton County, FL area. Private beach bonfires are a wonderful way to relax, watch the sunset on the beach, and enjoy time with friends and family. They make great events for special occasions such as, birthdays, weddings, family reunions and even fine dining on the beach with our low country shrimp/seafood boil option.
    Our basic service for 8 people includes the burn permit, fire pit, 4 hours worth of wood, canvas and wood chairs for each guest, tiki torches, and two of our staff present at all times to help tend the fire and cater to your needs. We also offer a hot dogs & s’mores package that includes 3 hotdogs and buns per person, ketchup, mustard, mayo, the makings for at least two s’mores per person, the roasting sticks, paper plates, and napkins. Our packages start at 8 people, and we can accommodate many more. Also ask us about beach dining with a low country shrimp/seafood boil with your fire on the beach.
    We would set up at a public beach access in Walton County as close to your rental as possible. The fire would be lit and ready for you 30 minutes before sunset and would be extinguished no later than 11PM. Our staff will set everything up, and take everything away. No mess, no fuss, just fun!

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