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Sanddollar Cart Rentals is proud to offer the most competitive pricing on the beach for some of the nicest carts.

Fill out the form below to check availability.

4 passenger LSV                                      6 passenger LSV


2nd Day $250                                              2nd Day $ 325

3rd Day $325                                               3rd Day $ 425

4th Day $350                                                4th Day $ 550

5th Day $450                                                5th Day $ 650

6th Day $550 ——– Sat – Sat Rate   ——– 6th Day $750

7th Day $550                     Weekly                7th Day $750

These rates are our Summer rates,

If you find a cheaper quote give us a call, we’ll match most competitors prices.

Rent a cart and get a great deal on beach gear addons.

These are base rates,

Take advantage of our best rates with a weekly Sat – Sat rental.

Final price will include 7.5 % sales tax

Delivery and pick-up are included in the price.

All pick ups will be done in the morning on the day of pick up

unless otherwise specified, Please make sure carts are

fully charged and at the delivery address on the morning of pick up.

Please check with your vacation rental agency to make sure you

will be able to charge the vehicle, They take a normal household 110V plug.

Also please note, golf carts are banned in some communities, these are not golf carts,

these are classified as street legal Low Speed Vehicles’s.

Some communities do have restrictions on LSV’s, call us and we’ll be glad to

help you figure out the details.

850-267-CART (2278)

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    • admin

      Hi Sandals, how can i help? the website is still under construction so sorry you weren’t able to find what you need. call me and I’ll be glad to help you.

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